Cross Listed Courses

When a course is cross listed, it is a single course with a single identification number in the Student Administration System. A cross listing does not comprise two or more distinct courses. The sole distinction between cross-listed courses and courses that are not cross listed is that cross-listed courses are offered under two or more subject areas. Other courses are offered under only one.

Therefore, when a course is cross listed, each subject area offering must match in description, credits, prerequisites, title, and components. The catalog numbers may differ, but the course level (1000, 2000, etc.) must match.

A cross listed course will not become effective until both (or all) subject area offerings appear in approved minutes as cross listed. If the subject area offerings are offered in two or more Colleges/Schools, minutes from each school must show the approval. If the cross-listed course is of any of these categories, the approval of the cross listing must also appear in University Senate minutes after being approved by the appropriate committees:

  • 1000- or 2000-level courses
  • Content Area (CA 1, CA 2, etc.) courses
  • Skill courses (W or Q courses).