Undergraduate Catalog Proof Files

2024-25 Undergraduate Catalog

The Registrar’s Office is in the process of transitioning the catalog to CourseLeaf and, as such, some approved changes may not be reflected in the proof files. If you have any questions or concerns about catalog copy, please email registrarcurriculum@uconn.edu.

Links to proof files are available now. It's time to submit proposals for courses and academic programs for early fall meetings as all items must be fully approved by February 5, 2024, to be included in the new catalog. The Senate's Course Action Request Form has automated the course approval process. However, if a proposal requires Senate review, approvals can take several weeks to work through the Senate C&C Committee, the General Education Oversight Committee, and officially reported at a full Senate Meeting. Please see Course Change Regulations for detailed rules.

Every required approval process must be complete and included in official approved Minutes or forms and reported to the Office of the Registrar by the final deadline date.

The links below lead to Catalog files that have been edited based on official School and College C&C, University Interdisciplinary Courses Committee, and Senate Minutes that were submitted to the Registrar's Curriculum Services Office after the deadline for changes to the 2024-25 catalog.

Key to proof file notations

  • New additions are in underlined blue text; deletions appear in red strikethrough text.
  • Text that has been moved (for example in the case of course number changes) appears in green text. Text in the original location appears in green, double-strikethrough text. Text in the new location is green and double underlined.
  • Explanations of – and references to documentation for – changes appear in comment bubbles along the right side of the page. Changes will only appear when all approvals have been finalized.

Please contact Curriculum Services with any questions or concerns.

Course Descriptions

Because new courses and revisions are updated automatically as they become effective on the Undergraduate Catalog website, there are no longer course description proof files to display in this space. If you have questions about a future dated change or believe that the website is incomplete or inaccurate, please contact Curriculum Services. You may also view course proposal information through the Course Action Request Form.