General Education Courses

Skill courses

Adding, dropping, and making changes to skill courses (Q, W, and W/Q) requires approval of the School or college, the General Education Oversight Committee (GEOC), and the University Senate.

When courses with the same four-digit course number (i.e. non-skill and skill versions of the same course) have changes reflected in approved minutes, the changes will be made to all versions of that course simultaneously once the approval of the non-skill version appears in approved minutes and the approval of the skill version appears in approved Senate minutes.

Quantitative Competency (Q courses)

Q courses require the knowledge and use of mathematics and/or statistics at or above the basic algebra level as an integral part of the course. These courses might include comprehensive analysis and interpretation of data. The mathematical and/or statistical methods and skills required are those specific to the particular course and discipline. For more specific guidelines about these courses, see Quantitative Competency on the GEOC website.

Writing Competency (W courses)

W courses should demonstrate for students the relationship between the writing in the course and the content learning goals of the course. Students should not write simply to be evaluated;  they should learn how writing can ground, extend, deepen, and even enable their learning of the course material. In addition then to the general formal questions concerning strategies for developing ideas, clarity of organization, and effectiveness  of expression, and the discipline specific format, evidentiary, and stylistic norms, the W requirement should lead students to understand the relationship between their own thinking and writing in a way that will help them continue to develop both throughout their lives and careers after graduation. For more specific guidelines about these courses, see Writing Competency on the GEOC website.

Content Area courses

Adding, dropping, or making changes to courses that fulfill the University’s general education requirements must be approved by the appropriate School or College, the General Education Oversight Committee (GEOC), and the University Senate. Adding a Content Area designation to a course requires the same chain of approvals.

General education courses are approved to satisfy the various content area requirements. A complete description of general education requirements, Content Areas, and a list of courses approved through the most recent catalog is available in the General Education Requirements section of the Undergraduate Catalog. For information about the critera for the four Content Areas, see the GEOC website.