Effective Dates

The dates indicated on this page refer only to when the described changes take effect in the Student Administration System. Only changes fully approved by February 5 are guaranteed to appear in the Undergraduate Catalog published in May of that year. *

Every required approval process must be complete and included in official approved Minutes or forms and reported to the Office of the Registrar by the final deadline date.

* In rare cases when approved changes affect many different courses, a February 1 deadline is not practical due to the sheer volume of work involved. For example, consolidating two or more subject areas into a single subject area requires many changes in the Student Administration System as well as the catalog and catalog website. In these cases, unless all approvals are obtained by Dec. 31, the Office of the Registrar cannot guarantee all changes can be incorporated into that year’s catalog. For more information, please contact Curriculum Services.


For information about the course approval process, see Courses. The following table indicates which term course actions become effective based on when they are approved.

Action Approved June through January Approved February through May
Add course Within two weeks following final approval Within two weeks following final approval
Revise course In May of that academic year In May of the following academic year
Drop course As requested As requested

Majors and Minors

The requirements of majors and minors are tied to the catalog year during which they become effective. Consequently, all actions regarding majors and minors – adding, dropping, or revising them – become effective for the summer term of the year following the calendar year during which they receive final approval. For example, changes to majors and minors completely approved by February 5, 2018 and available in approvedĀ  minutes would become effective as of the beginning of the 2018 summer term.

For information about the approval process for adding, dropping, or revising majors and minors, see Academic Program Approvals.

Subject Areas

Adding or changing the name of a new subject area requires the use of a form that notes the approval of the Dean as well as that of the Provost. Adding new ones can usually be done by the semester following approval. Name changes approved between June and December can be effective in May of the following semester. Those approved between February and May will become effective in May of the following year.

For information about the approval process for adding, dropping, or changing subject area names, see Academic Program Approvals.

CIP Codes

Adding CIP codes for new majors or changing codes for existing majors requires approval by the Office of the Provost.

Action Approval Dates Effective Date
New majors and their CIP Codes can be added as soon as approvals are complete. June 2017 – April 2018 May 2018
CIP Code Changes for existing majors June 2017 – April 2018 May 2018