Special Topics Approvals

Requests for approval to add new topics to existing special topics undergraduate and graduate courses can now be submitted through an online workflow which is designed to replace the previous process in place for new CLAS and CAHNR topics.

Special Topics vs. Variable Topics

A Special Topics (xx95) course is to be used for developmental purposes to pilot a course that may eventually be added to the catalog. It may be taught only two (for CAHNR) or three (for CLAS) times and requires approval of the CAHNR or CLAS C&C Chair.

A Variable Topics (xx98) course is to be used for one-time topics such as those with very timely content (about a specific election, for example) or taught by a visiting faculty member. It requires department approval only and may be scheduled by the Office of the Registrar upon departmental request.

Departments can schedule new sections of special topics courses via CourseLeaf CLSS once topics have been approved. Please contact your department’s scheduling administrator for more information.