These are the reports that the Curriculum Services section provides to other areas of the university.

Report Description Format(s)
Courses Eligible to be Archived Courses that have not been offered in the past five years can be archived under the University Senate’s Five Year Rule, meaning that they remain in the system but are inactivated. These courses can be reactivated immediately upon request of the department. This report includes all courses that have not been offered in the five years prior to the most recent spring term. Excel
Archived Courses List of courses that are currently archived. Excel
GEOC Courses All GEOC courses (Content Areas and Q, W, and E courses). This is an automated report that is updated nightly. GEOC Courses
Environmental Literacy Courses All approved Environmental Literacy (‘E’) courses. Courses on this list will satisfy the Environmental Literacy requirement even if the ‘E’ is not in the catalog number at the time the student takes the course. Environmental Literacy Courses